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The perfect option for the couple who needs some extra guidance starting a month out from their wedding day. We will walk you through all the final decisions for your big day!


Advice from a pro


Make your wedding/event your own!


We are all about trends, but we don't pressure our clients to follow lead. We ask them what's most important to them & help them make their event unique.


You’ve booked your venue, congratulations! Perhaps you’ve done some research for possible vendors - searched the internet for inspiration, posted a Facebook/Instagram shout-out looking for vendor suggestions, maybe even booked a few of your vendors already.


Now, bring someone on board to help make sense of it all, stay on top of the planning process and all details while keeping everything organized! 

Couples Hug

Advice from a pro


Designate a few days a month for wedding talk with your significant other.

Taking time out of your busy schedules a few times a month will keep you on the same page and make the process less stressful.

Couple Dancing


If you’re unsure where to start, overwhelmed by all of the available options out there, not sure of what questions you should be asking, hiring a wedding planner from the very beginning can help turn the process from stressful to fun! 

Gifted Events will help you stay on track, think of new and creative ideas for your wedding, plan for any scenario, and guide you step by step up until the day of the wedding. 

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