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Reviewed On 3/23/2020 by Maria G 


Kelly and Michelle were AMAZING. My day was absolutely perfect! They were prepared, attentive and on point. If anything did come up, I wouldn't even know because they took care of it all. They are amazing at what they do, very personable, reliable and professional. I would (and have) recommended Gifted Events NJ to all my soon to be brides! If you are looking for a planner or a day of coordinator do not hesitate to contact them! It's like planning a wedding with your best friends! Thank you again for helping my dream wedding come to life!

Reviewed On 2/28/2020 by Alexandra M 


Gifted Events (Kelly) went above and beyond for me while planning the wedding. In the weeks leading up to the wedding she was prepared and on it- helping us through everything during a very hectic time. On the day of, she was like a magician, everything we needed or wanted she pulled out of a hat, she kept everyone (vendors and bridal party) on time and in check. On top of that she really cares about the people she works with. She reaches out all the time and was super supportive and kind during the entire process. If I could do it again I’d hire Gifted Events every time.

Reviewed On 2/16/2020 by Lorraine P 


Kelly TRULY went above and beyond for us, starting from our first meeting. At the time I was balancing wedding planning, working full time and spending my days off visiting my grandmother in the hospital. Kelly was sweet enough to come to me after already waiting a few hours to meet at a nearby cafe. (Thank you so much!) Toward the end of my wedding planning I felt overwhelmed with all of the details and sorting out certain things so I knew I needed someone to help but also someone I could trust and that was an instant thing with Kelly. From the second we organized all of the details and plannings she was able to take over for me and my stress could finally go to rest. I was able to enjoy my wedding day and had absolutely no idea of any obstacles that aroused because they were quickly taken cared of by Kelly. All in all I’d 100% recommend her to all brides, your wedding day should be spent in full enjoyment and while you do have bridesmaids, there’s NOTHING like having someone there for you every second of the day. Kelly you were amazing and kept me so calm, thank you so much for all that you did!!! I can’t even put into words how much was done lol Thank you for allowing me to have the best day of my life.

Reviewed On 11/26/2019 by Leigh Ann S

Kelly is 10000% the most wonderful person I have ever worked with. She was my day of coordinator for my wedding in the beginning of November. She was always on time, always ready to go, organized, well spoken, and always taking notes or giving good advice. Kelly was with me for every detail of my day, accommodating to my friends and family. We had a minor mishap with another vendor and she personally drove my stepmom to the mall to get her makeup done while I was getting ready, no questions asked. We even lost power at our hotel and she was immediately on the phone looking for solutions! She is THE BEST. She eased any bit of stress I had, and made sure every single thing I wanted was done correctly. She is worth every penny. My family and friends complimented her hard work all night and for weeks after. If you are looking for any type of wedding or party coordinator, SHE IS YOUR GIRL!

Reviewed On 10/08/2019 by Nora M 


Kelly is THE best. I am an event planner myself and I honestly can't imagine pulling off my wedding without her. There was no task too big or too small and you can tell she truly cares about your wedding and you as a person. I had a fully outdoor wedding with lots of moving pieces and set up and she handled it all flawlessly. Kelly never missed a call or an appointment and went above and beyond to make sure I enjoyed my wedding day. She's now planning one of my bridesmaid's weddings, too! Best decision I made.

Reviewed On 02/21/2020 by Kristen 


If you aren't signing your contract with Kelly, you're doing it all wrong!  From the second I sat with her a couple of months prior to our wedding, I knew that she was the one we needed for day of coordination.  Her personality was calm, she was knowledgeable, responsive, and I could tell that she TRULY loved what she does.  I had spoke with Kelly's competition, within the same time frame and that solidified the decision for me.  Kelly does not treat you like another business transaction. She treats you like a friend that she has had for years. She goes above and beyond to make sure that you have all you need to make your special day everything that you want and more.  Kelly knows that you only get one chance at it, and she takes the time to organize a detailed timeline, confirm with vendors, and ensure everyone is on the same page.  Seeing her that morning provided comfort for me.  I knew that no matter WHAT happened that day, everything would be okay because Kelly would make sure of it.  I am actually sad that I won't have to speak with her frequently for planning purposes.  I enjoyed our talks and it was truly a pleasure working alongside of her.  I wish Kelly nothing but the best in all that the future holds for her because she truly deserves it.

Reviewed On 11/25/2019 by Adriana C 


I didn’t even realize how much I needed Kelly until she began working with us the month leading up to our wedding! (To put things into perspective, I have an obsessive planning personality with color coded everything and a spreadsheet for all things imaginable, yet I still couldn't have done it without her.) Kelly went above and beyond in everything she did - from going to see the venue on her own time, to noticing little things I had mentioned to vendors in emails she was CC'ed on and taking care of them herself, to blotting sweat off me after a wild dance set at the wedding, ha, and that’s just to name a few. She was so proactive in tying up loose ends which I LOVED, and shows that she really knows what she's doing. The day of the wedding, I anticipated chaos and rush but it was the most fun, relaxing and positive day ever. I don’t know how she managed to stay on top of me, the bridal party, my husband and all the men (we got ready at separate locations about 30 min away from one another), and then all the vendors on top of that, but she did - and never hesitated when I asked a question. Not only did she keep the day flowing, on time, and everyone happy and in the know, she was so calm, collected, and professional the entire time. Always behind the scenes, yet somehow there whenever I needed her. If she has your date available, BOOK HER NOW, before someone else snatches her up... trust me. She will make sure you have the best, most stress free wedding ever.

Reviewed On 09/16/2019 by Jessica M

Kelly was a complete life saver on our wedding day. Even from before and to after it was over she made sure everything was handled. She took away sooo much stress from myself and my bridal party to the point where we had nothing to worry about and had the time of our lives. The day went on perfectly without a single problem because Kelly made sure of it. It was the best decision we made to hire her to take care of everything on our special day and we will forever be so so grateful for her!!!!!