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Reviewed by Taylor S

I could not have got through my wedding day without Kelly from Gifted Events. She truly became my friend throughout the wedding planning process. On my wedding day, Kelly (and Chia) were so calm and always one step ahead of me. Kelly knew the wedding day schedule and was always making sure everyone was on time. If there was an issue, I was not aware because Kelly took care of it! She was amazing. She kept my calm. I thought a curl in my hair was falling out so she whipped out a mini curling iron. My bustle was coming undone so she whipped out safety pins. Anything I needed, she had. I could not have gotten through the day without Kelly, truly! I would recommend Kelly and her team at Gifted Events over and over!!

Reviewed by Deanna G 


We hired gifted events as our day of coordinator and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Where do I even begin?? I cannot express how VITAL hiring a day of coordinator is, especially one with Gifted Events. Kelly and Amanda were both a pleasure to work with, listened to all of our needs and made sure everything went as smoothly as possible. From the seamless day of timeline, coordination with vendors and day-of getting ready tips, their expertise is unmatched. My bridal party is still calling Kelly and Amanda the “angels” of day :) Gifted Events went above and beyond and truly, our wedding day wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was, if it weren’t for Gifted Events!! I cannot recommend Gifted Events enough!!

Reviewed by Crissabel H 


Omg where do I begin with Kelly & Jacky! They were literally my wedding superheroes!! Kelly was a pleasure to work with and made planning my wedding so effortless. I hired them as my DOC and they exceeded my expectations. Not only did they make sure everyone was on schedule the entire day, they solved any issues that arose without me even knowing. We were short a bouquet and Kelly made sure the bouquet company brought another one. A groomsmen shoe broke before the ceremony and Jacky drove to Men’s Warehouse to replace them. A bridesmaid’s dress was too long, they hemmed it right there!! Jacky even blotted my makeup in the heat while we were taking pictures outside. I seriously can not thank them enough for making my wedding day unforgettable. I will definitely recommend them to anyone having a wedding. If you’re debating whether you need a day of coordinator or not, you need Kelly and her team!!

Pina D. married on 05/15/2021


Kelly was so great to work with. She was very organized. Steph and Jacky from her team were with me for the day of. They were on top of everything that I had gone over with Kelly. They made sure our ceremony started on time and kept the videographer and photographer on schedule. At one point during reception I went down to the bridal suite to use the bathroom and Jacky just appeared to make sure I was okay and to check if I needed anything. Kelly contacted all of my vendors to make sure what time they would be arriving and helped to make a timeline for day of. I know that a day of coordinator is not on everyone’s top priority list but I definitely recommend having one if you can squeeze it in. We had a tight timeline for our vendors to come in and setup and to take pictures before the ceremony and they really helped to make sure things ran smoothly.

Michela P. married on 06/18/2021


I met with Kelly very early in my wedding planning process, but decided to wait on booking because I was hesitant about how necessary a day of coordinator would be and if it would be worth the money. After a few months and planning through a pandemic I realized I definitely needed someone to help me and make sure things go as smoothly as possible, so I reached out to Kelly again. Unfortunately she wasn't available anymore for my wedding date but she was able to assign another coordinator, Carla, as my day of coordinator. I cannot express enough how VITAL Carla and Kelly were in making sure I was as stress free as possible during the weeks leading up to and on my wedding day. There wasn't a single time I was bothered by an issue with a vendor or any other part of the wedding day. I was able to enjoy my day, party and not have a worry in the world. Carla was there every second to make sure we were on time, everyone in the bridal party was where they were supposed to be, to fix my train or hair, and just let me breathe and enjoy the day. My advice if you are hesitant/unsure if you really need a DOC, book one NOW (and use Gifted Events), because YOU 100% DO NEED ONE and you will not regret it! I'm so thankful to Gifted Events for all their help and expertise, including giving me vendor recommendations, coming up with a flawless day of timeline and everything in between. My wedding day wouldn't have been as magical and perfect as it was without them!

Meghan O. married on 11/29/2020


I cannot say enough good things about the Gifted Events team. We had decided to work with them for our day of coordination for our wedding and are beyond grateful we did. From the moment I first spoke with Kelly I could tell how professional and kind she was. The day of we then worked with Michelle and Jacky who were literal god sends. They both were 10 steps ahead of us at all times and honestly our day would not have been as perfect as it was if it weren't for them. I would recommend them a hundred times over.

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