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Planning A Destination Wedding: Finding The Right Vendors

The fun part of planning is finally starting to happen except it’s a bit different than if we were planning a wedding back home! The venue has approved vendors we can work with and if we decided to book a non-approved vendor, we would have to pay an additional fee. For budget purposes we’re trying to stick to the approved vendors and make it work. Two vendors that always get booked quickly in my opinion are the photographer and DJ so we decided to get those booked ASAP!

Photography by Nicolette Sarzosa

Some vendors don’t update their websites as often so the content can be older and out dated. I mentioned in my previous post, I have become an expert on social media research. This was so helpful since we don’t have the face-to-face meetings or recommendations from past brides or friends. I look at all tagged pictures on Instagram, read blog posts that included our venue and found videos on Youtube, especially for the DJ. We’re looking for a specific style and vibe so we needed to make sure they would fit with our vision. WeddingWire is also great to read reviews from past brides and get information no matter where you’re getting married. We were able to book our top choices for both vendors! Let’s hope we get this lucky with all of them.

Our wedding coordinator has all communication with the vendors and I’m totally okay with that. I know I can trust her based on her years of experience and amazing reviews. This is very important for any bride planning any type of wedding - letting go and trusting your coordinator to take control will alleviate your stress and give you time to focus on other details. My favorite advice for couples planning together is to schedule 2-3 days a month to sit down to talk and plan. This keeps the planning process fun and exciting! You can even make a date night out of it and this will keep your significant other interested in all the wedding plans. I’m looking forward to booking the rest of our vendors and creating a mood board to compile all of my ideas to share with them.



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